HP 12c Platinum Calculator

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More powerful and capable than ever, the HP 12c Platinum Financial Calculator is up to 6 times faster with 4 times more memory than the original HP 12c. Choose between RPN* or algebraic entry-system logic, handle up to 80 cash flows and utilize over 130 built-in functions.

A time-tested performer, the HP 12c has an easy-to-use layout, one-line LCD display and efficient RPN data entry. Easily calculate loan payments, interest rates and conversions, standard deviation, percent, TVM, NPV, IRR, cash flows, bonds and more. 

HP 12c Platinum edition with premium features:

The HP 12c Platinum Calculator offers both RPN* and algebraic
entry-system logic, memory for up to 80 cash flows, 399-step
keystroke programming and Undo and Backspace buttons.

  •  Get the power of choice with both efficient RPN* or
    Algebraic entry system logic.
  •  Perform a variety of calculations including TVM, NPV,
    , and more—quickly and accurately.
  • Get fast solutions with over 130 built-in functions and
    memory for up to 80 cash flows.
  • Easy to use keystroke programming up to 399 steps.
    plus Undo and Backspace buttons
  • Premium protective pouch included.

Performance above the standard

  • Solve complex business and financial problems with up
    to 6 times the speed of the original HP 12c.
  • Easily and accurately calculate bond price and yield
    to maturity on-demand.
  • Figure cumulative statistical analysis, linear regression,
    standard deviation,
    and more with ease.
  • Get accurate results faster with 4x the memory of the
    original HP 12c for up to 80 cash flows.

HP quality and support

Have confidence that every time you turn on your
HP calculator, every calculation you make, results in
dependable, worry-free performance and accurate results.

  • Display size: LCD with 1 line x 10 characters, adjustable contrast
  • Entry system logic: RPN & Algebraic
  • Built-in options: 130+
  • Internal precision: 15 digits
  • Memory registers: 20
  • Battery life: 2 years (when used 1 hr/day)
  • Best Used For: Real Estate, Banking, Finance and/or Businesses
  • Enclosure Material: Plastic and brushed aluminum
  • Permission usage: CFP® and CFA® Certification Exams, GARP FRM™ Exam
  • Math functions: +, -, /, *, Neg, 1/X, Ln, 10x, e, Square, Square roots, Power, %, % calculations, Rounding, Fractional and integer part
  • Power: 1 CR2032 battery;
  • Power off memory protection: Yes
  • Auto power off: Yes
  • What’s in the box:  Calculator, batteries,  premium protective pouch and QR code for easy manual download
  • Unit Dimensions (WxDxH): 3.1 x .6 x 5.1 in 
  • Unit Weight: 4.09 oz
  • US & Canada (English & French) +1 833-523-0800
  • Mexico: +52 55 8526 4636
  • Brazil: +55 (35) 2106-9101 // 0800 727 0678
  • Chile: +56 22 483 5916
  • Argentina: +54 11 5246 1850


HP 12c Platinum Financial Calculator – Calculating Future and Past Dates